#HeIsRisen.  Had He not, world history would be remarkably different.  #HeIsRisen.  Had He not, there would still be no direct access to God.  #HeIsRisen. Had He not, the Bible would be a false document, just a bunch of stories.

#HeIsRisen.  Because He did, you and I have direct access to God.  Frightening?  It should be.  God is still demanding.  God is Holy and Pure.  He cannot tolerate sin or even be where sin is.  Think hard on that; God cannot be where sin is.

#HeIsRisen.  He died.  Actually, He was killed.  Brutally killed.  The Payment for your sins and mine; that is why He was killed.  A Sacrifice.

#HeIsRisen. He was buried.  Like everyone who dies, He was buried in a tomb.  So fearful were His killers that they guarded the tomb to make sure nothing out of the ordinary happened.


#HeIsRisen.  Literally.  Miraculously.  And He is alive right now.  He prays for those of us who believe in Him.  He will be with us, and we will be with Him when we die.  If we believe.  I believe.  I KNOW.  as sure as I know anything, at the deepest part of me, I know Jesus is alive and I will see Him.

I hope you will know Him soon.  Because #HeIsRisen.



Christmas Eve Story

I sincerely want to wish all my family and friends a warm and deeply moving Christmas. This time of year is so much more than buying gifts for those we love. And I’m the worst one about getting caught up in the “system.”

I never write long posts, but feel the need to share this with you all. It’s a Christmas Eve story, only because this happened on Christmas Eve.

Years ago a man spent Christmas Eve in Korea on the battlefields. The man was Billy Graham, but that really doesn’t matter, except that I learned of this story from him.

It was a gorgeous evening in Korea with a bright, half-moon and several inches of snow. Slowing moving in a helicopter, he finally landed at a base hospital, right behind enemy lines. He could see the glow of artillery fire and hear the fighting over the mountain side.

In the hospital were several men who had just been carried back from their patrol posts. One casualty was an ex-football star from a Southern university; he was a battle-hardened marine. The doctor said he would never walk again as part of his spine had been shot out.

The marine had to lie face down because of the injury, yet called for the visitor. He said, “We have been looking forward to you being here, and I’d like to see your face.”

The gentleman visiting got on his back and looked up into the face of the marine hero. “I know I’m in bad shape, but I want you to tell people when you get back to America that I’ll gladly die for my country.”

What kind of dedication is that? Can we be so dedicated to our family? Our children? Are they not worth giving up everything? How about people we serve in some capacity? Can I be as dedicated?

My personal challenge is this also…Jesus Christ, born on Christmas Eve so long ago was totally dedicated to me…and to you. He gave no less than His life for you and me. Does He not deserve the same dedication from us?

May I be so dedicated.